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The world is a book, and those who don’t travel read only one page.

(Saint Augustine of Hippo)


la venessiana anima veneziana


Travel, exploration, knowledge and discovery: four essential elements to expand the boundaries of one’s mind. Traveling is an innate part of man, tourism is an innate human need.

But tourism also means information. And it is with this intention that the first blogs were born: to offer information to users on the territories visited.

The tourist blog is a particular type of website designed to contain informative and in-depth articles structured in anti-chronological order to communicate additional information on the services of a tourist destination: the articles, which in the case of a blog are called posts, are offered and shown from the latest to the oldest, as if it were a diary. The term blog comes, in fact, from the contraction of web-log, literally “diary on the net”.


la venessiana


Having a tourist blog is not a trend, but it is a precious tool that helps in an incredible way to make a territory known, both for the hospitality and welcome services it offers, and for the attractions available in the tourist destination.

It is not a simple and only advertising tool, but a real communication platform.



la venessiana


Thousands of people from all over the world write about Venice, offering personal opinions and experiences. But blogs written by residents, with correct information on food, artisans, art and culture, with useful and accurate information – well, those can be counted on two hands.

One of these is the blog La Venessiana, conceived and created by Iris Loredana, who regularly writes about the recipes of her Venetian grandmother, about the gardens and vegetable plots of Venice, about exhibitions and events in the city.


La Venessiana


Iris was among the very first to support the Anima Veneziana project – thank you very much for translating the site into German and for your continued support!


Below you can read why La Venessiana supports our project.



Who is La Venessiana?

La Venessiana – The Fragrant World of Venice, founded as food art and garden blog in 2011, features the culinary heritage of Venice, the secret city, gardens and garden food, Lagoon islands, and the work of artisans.

We offer e-guides, virtual tours, retreats and online classes covering the historical recipes for food, natural remedies and perfumery of the Republic of Venice: Original recipes published between the 13th and 18th century, surprisingly un-Venetian at first sight, because they use herbs, blossoms and spices in unusual combinations.

Since 1968, our family has distilled these recipes from forgotten books written in Latin and Greek at the Venetian State Archive, public and private libraries, and in particular, from the library of the former monastery of San Zaccaria in Venice.

During the past five years, articles about Venice in the international press mostly covered cruise ships, high tides and the number of inhabitants in decline. In our opinion, reporting only negative aspects and risks is not balanced and will not support Venice and the Venetians in the long term: Why don’t we include opportunities and our city made of lively people? If we want to position Venice as a vital city, we must talk about the people who live and work here and about positive developments, visible every day in the little-known sestieri of the city.


Why did you decide to give your support to our project Anima Veneziana?

For us, Anima Veneziana is a dream about to come true, a film entirely made in Venice by a Venetian team: Monica, Romena, Federico and Lorenzo know their city inside out and are able to draw attention to the many efforts made by those who live and work in the small neighborhoods. We look so forward to seeing a film highlighting the ancient strengths of our city, which need to be harnessed especially now as we approach the next decade.

We support Anima Veneziana because as inclusive project, it also covers the small businesses and artisans of Venice, and from there tells the true story of our city turning 1600 years in 2021.

How do you dream your Venice?

The Venice I dream of was a reality only four decades ago, the city my grandmother told us about when we were children: Life reflected seasons, people went foraging and fishing in the Lagoon. It was a lively city, though, whose visitors were treated as guests and stayed for ten days and longer.

I’m dreaming of the Rialto Market as meeting point for residents, offering every day fresh herbs, fruit, fish and vegetables from the Lagoon and estuary, and of small botteghe all around, selling uniquely designed art and gifts that only Venice can offer.

I wish that Venice could once again become a role model, this time for post-modern society, by striking a balance between the analog world and digital opportunities.


Thank you Iris and Nonna Lina for the nice words and for your constant support!


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