El Sbarlefo: Cicchetti and good wine in Venice

cicchetti el sberlefo anima veneziana

el sbarlefo anima veneziana


The discovery of a new dish is more valuable to mankind than the discovery of a new star.

(Anthelme Brillat-Savarin)

cicchetti el sberlefo anima veneziana


Raise your hand if you have never heard of Cicchetti!

When, here in Venice, we want to have a quick bite, we go to one of our favorite bacari to have a “cicchetto” with an “ombra” or a Spritz. Cicchetti are an essential part of the authentic Venetian aperitif.

The cicchetti are the result of the inspiration and imagination of every bacaro or osteria, but they are also the result of the millenary Venetian gastronomic tradition, based on fresh fish, seasonal vegetables and cold cuts and cheeses from the hinterland.


el sbarlefo

Ph by Rocco Paladino


Cicchetto comes from the Latin “ciccus”, which means small.

And traditionally the cicchetto should always be accompanied by a good “ombra” (small glass) of wine, obviously from Veneto!

In recent years, however, we know that Spritz has also taken hold, which, as legend has, was born in Venice, in its original version, in the nineteenth century, with the Austrians who found the Venetian wine too strong and diluted it with water. In Austrian “spritzen” means: to dilute.

Then at the end of the twentieth century, a Venetian modernized it by adding the famous Venetian aperitif Select and from there we have now the modern version that is now also found with Aperol or Campari.


el sbarlefo anima veneziana spritz


Going for cicchetti is one of the most beautiful traditions of our city and therefore some of the most famous restaurateurs in Venice could not be missing among our supporters!

Thanks to all the guys from El Sbarlefo for the support shown from the start!

But let them tell you!


team of El sbarlefo

Who is El Sbarlefo?

An accountant, a graphic designer, a philosophy graduate. You put them together, let them settle for a while and … voila!

Here is “el Sbarlefo”, the spirit of the Sbarlefo. Yes, because “el Sbarlefo”, both in Cannaregio and in S. Pantalon, have a soul born from the meeting of these three very different but similar people, who agree in creating places where the guest always finds a moment of serenity and light-heartedness.



It all started in 2009 when Alessandro and Andrea decided to open a restaurant in Cannaregio that respects the strictest Venetian tradition, even in the furnishings, with the classic wooden beams, the marble counter and the wide range of typical cicchetti, wines of the territory, with a choice that has gradually expanded more and more. Gratified by the loyalty and friendship of the customers, after a few years they enlist Lorenzo in the company and in 2013 they opened the second Sbarlefo in S. Pantalon. This is a place with a sober, elegant, international appearance, frequented by a young, cosmopolitan, student clientele.


Why did you decide to give your support to our project Anima Veneziana?

We have known Monica for many years and we were among the first to whom she spoke of this dream of changing the way of visiting Venice.



And we immediately embraced his idea of involving the whole city in this project Anima Veneziana. Venice needs a radical change in the way it welcomes tourists. Those who come to Venice must learn to appreciate not only its monuments, but its food, its craftsmanship and the people who live and work here.

Visitors must be educated to take things calmly, perhaps enjoying a good cicchetto with a nice glass of Venetian wine!

How do you dream your Venice??

We dream of a slow Venice, where the tourists take their time. A Venice where the tourist shows respect for the Venetian traditions and way of life. A Venice that offers visitors a unique and unrepeatable experience, full of history, art and beauty.


The Venice that we Venetians know!


Thanks guys from El Sbarlefo for the kind words and for your support!


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  1. It has to be done .No more Cruise ships , right in Venice
    Sell tickets so that only a limited amount of People can visit , the beautiful City of Venice , each day .
    Promoted local Artists .Stop selling souvenirs , made in China .

  2. When we visit Venice we always come for a week so we can enjoy a relaxed visit and see all the wonderful treasures of this Beautiful City, visit the Artisans of Venice eat the delicious food of Venice. There are some excellent shops we go to regularly when we visit every year. Sadly we have not been able to visit this year but hopefully next year we will be there god willing. Please stay safe and keep doing what you are doing.

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