Martina Vidal: the lace of Burano

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Details make perfection and perfection is not a detail.

(Leonardo da Vinci)



Martina Vidal

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L’Atelier Martina Vidal: the lace of Burano

The island of Burano in the Venice lagoon is definitely a magical place: full of small colorful houses, delicious biscuits, inviting restaurants that offer the best seafood.

We think of Burano and the mind goes to the beautiful multi-colored houses of the island, but needle lace from the Renaissance period is the reason why Venice – Burano in particular – has become famous.


anima veneziana burano


The lace makers are truly an attraction on the island and even the largest international fashion houses have often used this fine embroidery.

Today you can still buy beautiful and intricate lace fabrics created with the same historical method handed down through generations of women living on the island. Although Venetian needlework designs, very elaborate but delicate, no longer maintain the exclusive reputation held in seventeenth-century Europe, for many buranelle women the making of lace remains a lifestyle.



In the 16th century, the production of Venetian needle lace was an elevated art form, produced by noble women in the privacy of their homes. Bobbin lace later became professional in other areas of Italy in the 17th century, but other European nations struggled to emulate buranelle women in their intricate designs and distinctive features that have become famous in banquet halls and courtyards all over the world.


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The beautiful eighteenth-century shape died out at the beginning of the nineteenth century, but was resumed in 1872, with noble patronage, to provide relief to the islanders after a disastrous winter for the fishing industry.

The Burano lace school flourished for almost 100 years, imitating the 17th century Venetian needle lace with remarkable success and making copies of the Belgian Point de gaze and French Alençon lace, as well as developing a typically buranello format, worked in a thread slightly brown cotton. New designs were introduced during the twentieth century, but in the late 1900s the school was forced to close, due to the competition of cheaper lace imported from Asia.


anima veneziana martina vidal


The Martina Vidal Atelier brings the tradition of lace into contemporary fashion, bringing this beautiful fabric to the fore and to the attention of the international public. The Vidal family immediately gave their support to Anima Veneziana when we presented the project to them. Here because!


Who is Atelier Martina Vidal?


martina vidal


Atelier Martina Vidal is a home linen shop designed by the brothers Martina and Sergio Vidal, linked to the tradition of Burano lace and the production of collections inspired by the beauty of Venice.

The Atelier is located on the island of Burano, a few steps from the vaporetto stop, in the building called Palazzo dei Pittori.

The products on sale concern accessories and linens for the home, made with precious and quality fabrics such as cashmere, silk, cotton satin and the best linen yarns, as well as clothing for women, men and children. With free reservation, you can visit the small family museum which displays ancient and contemporary lace. You will discover that it is possible to request unique and personalized pieces, also made to measure, designed with the Italian passion and knowledge of “well done”, to last over time with their original beauty and functionality.

Why did you decide to give your support to Anima Veneziana?


We decided to support the “Anima Veneziana” project because we are proud that there is will and commitment in telling a different, truer and more alive Venice!

We believe that Venice has always been a combination of culture, tradition and passion, the same principles that we find in the history of our Atelier. We believe that Venice can still be strong today and that it can regain possession of its free soul. We support the project because we are Venetians and simply love Venice.


Martina vidal

How do you dream your Venice?

We dream of a Venice free from those who cannot perceive its beauty and do not respect its characteristic elements. We dream of a Venice that is travel and not a simple destination, in this way it will become livable even for its citizens.


Thanks to the whole family for your support!

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