The Project

Anima Veneziana is a gift to the city of Venice, made by those who love it.

Anima Veneziana is a project that involves Venice and the Venetians in a story of its brighter side. It is non-partisan and non-profit. The adhesion of all those who took part in it was broad and sincere right from the start: hearts that beat to the rhythm of the same love.

Anima Veneziana is a short film that tells about Venice as the Venetians live and know it: a city worth visiting for more than two days, an ideal place fruit of centuries of history and love.

It was born from the desire to change the narrative of the city, plagued by the stories of his umpteenth death after high water and the closure during Covid 19. Despite evident difficulties, its citizens have never given up and have, indeed, found new energies and are now ready to face new challenges.

Anima Veneziana is the story of a bright, pulsating and vibrant city, made by real people who offer their arts, their talent and their passion as an antidote to death that many are always ready to announce. Not a city seen by drones, not only iconic places.

A city inhabited by Venetians, famous for their vision and their stubbornness: not actors, therefore, but citizens in flesh and blood, gathered around Venetian art and craftsmanship.

Making this short film means promoting the city and, once made, it will be available to all those who want to use it.

We therefore need the support and help of all those who love Venice: by donating you will be part of a unique project totally made in Venice by Venetians and city lovers. You will help to tell of a living city, rich in traditions and laboratory for a different world, made of solidarity and respect for one’s roots.

Who we are

Anima Veneziana is a collaborative and cooperative project started born from an idea by Monica Cesarato, Venetian Food & Travel blogger, and developed with the help of Romena Brugnerotto, tourist guide and Venetian blogger, Federico Bizzarini, Venetian Film Director, Lorenzo Pezzano, Director of photography and the Associazione ABCOnlus, non-profit and non-governmental association that operates in the national field and has as its objective the promotion and enhancement of cultural heritage, excellence and local traditions.


The goal

The goal is to produce a short film about Venice and the Venetians, entirely Made in Venice, for Venice, with the support of all those who love the city.

The film will highlight the various aspects of life in Venice: the moments of the day, the various categories of those who live and those who work there, in practice those who live it every day. It is not a film about the iconic monuments of Venice, but a documentary about Venice as a whole, intended as a city with all its inhabitants. It stems from the desire to make the real Venice known to the world, a Venice that must be discovered in depth. Something that cannot be done in a couple of days of visit.

The film will be produced in two versions: a short version, which will be uploaded on Youtube, visible for free to the whole world and which can be used by anyone to promote a slow Venice; a longer version that will be presented at various national and international Film Festivals.

The Stages

Anima Veneziana was born to create a crowdfunding that can bring capital to be destined for the making of the film, which will serve as a tool to promote the city of Venice.

By donating, you help us to reach the various stages for the production of the film.

If you want to know more about our Business Plan and Breakdown of costs, we will be happy to provide it – just send us an email to



The Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding was entrusted in transparency to the ABCOnlus Cultural Association, which is supporting the project and will allow the creation of the film Anima Veneziana.

The Crowdfunding has been divided into 4 stages. The reaching of each stage allows the achievement of the prefixed goal.

We will carry on raising money until our target is reached.

Donations have been divided into levels:

up to 90 Euros – donation only

from 100 Euros upwards, for each donation, a voucher of 10.00 Euros will be issued, which can be spent in Venice at one of the operators who joined the project.

At the time of donation, an email address will be requested to which the voucher will be sent together with a list of merchants participating to Anima Veneziana, how to chose the merchant and instructions on how to redeem the voucher.