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uia anima veneziana

uia anima veneziana


Art shakes from the soul the dust accumulated in everyday life.

(Pablo Picasso)


uia anima veneziana

UIA, l’Università Internazionale dell’Arte

Artistic restoration is an attempt to preserve and repair architecture, paintings, drawings, sculptures or other objects of refined and decorative art whose conditions have been damaged. While art restoration and conservation techniques go hand in hand, their definitions are slightly different.

Artistic restoration indicates the repair or restoration of works that have already decayed in an attempt to restore a work to its original and intact aspect, while conservation refers to maintenance and conservation to safeguard against future damage and deterioration.

The techniques and methods of conservation and restoration of art go hand in hand and have become the domain of qualified professionals in the twentieth century. They represent an increasingly important aspect of the work not only of museums, but also of civic authorities and all those who deal with works of art, whether they are artists, collectors or gallery owners.

The history of artistic restoration spans the centuries, guided by the mission of ensuring that famous works of art remain accessible. The iconic frescoes of Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel were restored for the first time as early as the 16th century due to water damage and, since then, advances in technology have led to the development of ever safer and more effective approaches to preserving and repairing a series of works.

uia anima veneziana

And here is the importance of Schools such as the UIA, which train Technicians of the Restoration of Cultural Heritage and there could be no better location for this school than Venice, where you can breathe art at every step.

The UIA immediately joined the project Anima Veneziana and we were truly honored!

Below they explain why they consider ours a valid project to support!

Who is UIA?

For 50 years on the front line for the protection and conservation of the artistic heritage. The first institution in Veneto to carry out this activity at a higher level, the International University of Art (Uia) offers every year a three-year professional training course of “Technician of the Restoration of Cultural Heritage”, completely free of charge and financed by the European Social Fund and Veneto Region.

uia anima veneziana

Seat of the Uia is Villa Hériot, on the island of Giudecca, five minutes by vaporetto from Piazza San Marco. Elegant neo-Byzantine building by the Venice lagoon and surrounded by a large garden.

The course is divided into three annual sectors: restoration of polychrome wooden sculpture, conservation of stone materials, conservation of decorated architectural surfaces. For each of them there is a large practical part in the internal laboratories of the Institute and in the teaching yards, for then closing the training course with a company internship in Italy and / or abroad.

Why did you decide to support our project Anima Veneziana?

Venice is not only a tourist destination, it is a living city with a beating heart made of citizens who live, breathe and take care of an incredible artistic heritage. The commitment of civil society and many associations have one goal: to make our city unique from every point of view.

From the Friends of the Venetian Museums association, through the International Private Committees for the Protection of Venice and gradually other realities such as Venice in Peril Fund, Save Venice, there is a whole world devoted to the protection of the artistic heritage of our city. We believe that the Anima Veneziana project can give a more correct image of the Serenissima. An authentic image. A sincere image of Venice made by Venetians, who live and work every day.

How do you dream your Venice?

uia anima veneziana

The Venice of our dreams is a city capable of living between ancient crafts and increasingly cutting-edge training offers, also in the panorama of new digital technologies. The tools of the present allow us to enhance, as never before, what the great eras of the past have left us as a legacy and the whole world envies us. Venice has unique resources in the world.

It would also be necessary to find the right formula to promote more presencialist tourism, devoted to the discovery of the entire Venetian artistic heritage, from San Marco square to authentic pearls such as the Armenian island, the ancient Jewish cemetery of the Lido or the Giudecca island itself, where there are, among others, the imposing Palladian Basilica of the Holy Redeemer, the Casa dei Tre Oci gallery, the Molino Stucky and the complex of the Heriot villas, home of our Institution.

Thanks to everyone, teachers and students, of the UIA for your support!

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